• Analysis unit

    Our analysers Sycon 2502 and Sycon 2800  can automatically monitor water parameters such as total hardness, carbonate hardness or iron content. Our devices are characterized by easy operation and configuration. We will be pleased to advise you .
  • Controllers

    The controller series HAcon controlsl softening and filtration systems. By means of the integrated clock, regeneration can be started at certain times on certain days of the week. The Hacon 8000 has an additional connection for a water meter. This allows a regeneration start to take place after a set amount of water has passed through the system.
  • Pilot distributors

    Pilot distributors are multi-way valves to control water softening and filtration systems. The new pilot distributors PVcon PVcon 5000 and 7000 it is possible to provide the current level to a control of the regeneration. These are potential-free contacts. The PVcon 7000 has an additional integrated control electronics, which triggers a regeneration in configurable time intervals or intervals lot.
  • Reagents

    Our reagents for analysis devices can automatically determine water ingeredients. We provide reagents for monitoring of total hardness, residual hardness, carbonate hardness and iron content. In addition to the reagents for our analysis equipment, we also provide compatible reagents for analysis devices from other manufacturers.
  • Sample cooler

    Sample coolers are heat exchangers for cooling of water samples for automatic or manual analysis. We offer sample coolers in different sizes for different applications. Our coolers are made of high quality stainless steel, as it is used in chemical and industrial plants.
  • Test kits

    We offer kits for the color and titrometrischen metric method for the quantitative determination of substances in water. With our kits to the limit method can quickly and easily monitor limits.
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The RLS Wacon GmbH offers a wide range of products related to the field of water analysis.

Online Analysers
With our series of Sycon on-line analysers, individual parameters can be automatically monitored. Our versatile devices are ideal for the measurement and control of water parameters in water treatment systems. Suitable for use in water softening with ion exchange resins, water desalination with reverse osmosis systems and water blending in food production.

We offer a range of reagents for different water parameters. In addition to the reagents for analysers of the Sycon series, we offer compatible reagents for analysis devices from other manufacturers.

Presample and samplecooler
Our sample coolers facilitate the cooling of hot water samples before analysis. In our assortment you will find sample coolers for manual removal of water samples and sample coolers for use with on-line analysers.

Pilot distributors
The pilot distributors or multi-way valves PVcon series are used for the control of hydraulic or pneumatic single valves in automatic water treatment plants.

Controls for water softening and filtration systems
Our controllers HAcon 7000 and HAcon 8000 are developed for special use in water treatment. The flexible configuration possibilities provide an optimal adaptation to your application.